[sɜːtʃ] noun [C] I
1) an attempt to find something
Despite a thorough search, they found no drugs on him.[/ex]
The authorities carried out several air searches for survivors of the crash.[/ex]
The police have conducted an extensive search of the area.[/ex]
Many people had left their homes to go in search of food.[/ex]
2) an attempt to find an answer
The committee is involved in a search for solutions to key international problems.[/ex]
3) computing
the process of using a computer to find information, especially on the Internet
You can probably get the address by doing an Internet search.[/ex]
4) the process of examining official documents to find information
A search of the parish records provided useful information.[/ex]
Words often used with search Adjectives often used with search (noun, sense 1) ■ careful, painstaking, systematic, thorough + SEARCH: used about searches that are done with great care ■ desperate, frantic + SEARCH: used about searches by people who are very keen to find someone or something ■ fruitless, unsuccessful + SEARCH: used about searches that fail to find someone or something Verbs often used with search (noun, sense 1) ■ carry out, conduct, launch, make, mount, undertake + SEARCH: look for someone or something II
search */*/[sɜːtʃ]
1) [I/T] to try to find something or someone by looking carefully
After three days searching, I gave up.[/ex]
Detectives have been brought in to help search for clues.[/ex]
Rescue teams are still searching through the wreckage for survivors.[/ex]
2) [T] to carefully examine something or someone for something that is hidden
The police have arrested a man after searching his house.[/ex]
3) [T] computing
to use a computer to look for information, especially on the Internet
I got most of the answers by searching the Net.[/ex]

Dictionary for writing and speaking English. 2014.

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